Birthday parties become an adventure as your groups challenge each other as teams to determine superiority. Give your birthday person a celebration they'll remember for the right reasons. It's convenient and affordable.


Ending a competition season but want to challenge your previous opponents in a different scenario? Wanting to reward, encourage, celebrate your team, or to just hang out together for an explosive, interactive event? Whether it's a hen's or a buck's party OR just a need to go ballistic, laser skirmish is the event! Contact us for information about booking an event


Enquire as to how we can advise on raising finance for your fund raising event what ever your organisation is. LASER SKIRMISH draws and attracts people.


Laser Skirmish can be much more that just an elimination activity. Laser Skirmish has many game or strategic scenarios that can be tailored for you work force- planning, lateral thinking, quick reflexes and team work. It is an interactive, competitive and fun program designed to develop team-spirit. Contact us to discuss your corporate requirements.


Based in Townsville, Mobile Laser Skirmish North Queensland will go almost anywhere in North Queensland. 


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